cropped-ted-baker-painting.jpgI’m the artistic director of Fol Espoir and a freelance maker of theatre, comedy and opera. My passion is to collaborate with exciting artists and dynamic performers, nurture their talent, encourage them to come up with brilliant ideas, and mould this raw material into a cohesive whole.

“I’m a great admirer of John Walton’s work. His productions have a wonderful muscularity that grows out of a deeply rooted commitment to his material. And his collaboration with actors brings out the very best in them.” – Mike Alfreds

On this site you can learn a little more about my previous work. You can also dip into my blog – where I reflect on the world around me, the work I’m making, the lessons I’m learning, and the mistakes I hopefully won’t repeat.

My tastes are varied, but be it comedy, drama or tragedy I want to see beautiful words lit up by stunning performances and divine storytelling; I want to see daring work that has character and ambition; work that dives deep into the adventure that is life.               @folesp