Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain (2015 – 2019)

★★★★ “Wholly idiotic, inducing a helpless laughter that almost incapacitates the audience… an unforgettable experience.” The Stage

★★★★ “Fast paced and witty… the feel-good factor started as soon as we entered the building.” The Richmond Magazine 

★★★★ “A gloriously funny show – vivacious, edge-of-your-seat enjoyment that never skips a beat.” The Upcoming

★★★★ “On and on the show proceeds, faster and faster, increasingly over-the-top but gloriously hilarious. A witty and whimsical production.”

Ridiculous witticisms, idiotic imaginations and a wonderful on-stage dynamic… this show is definitely one to see.” A Younger Theatre

Railed (2018)

★★★★½ – The Western Australian
“A spectacular mix of humour and highly skilled acrobatics.”

★★★★½ – The Adelaide Advertiser
“It’s hilarious, it’s hot and it’s impossible to not have a great time.”

★★★★★ – Glam Adelaide
“The audience laps it up as the cowboys rail the boundaries of good taste… keeping the show and humour pounding along at breakneck speed.”

★★★★½ – Out in Perth
“A rollicking, drunken, horny trip through dust-blown prairies where the only saloon in town is populated by topless homoerotic cowboys in tight denim cracking whips and turning tricks.”

★★★★ – Fringe Feed
“Hilariously bonkers… rowdy and super cheeky.”

Dracula (2018)

★★★★★ “Will live long in the memory – one of the most original stagings of the piece you are ever likely to see.”

★★★★ “Without question, the best stage version of Bram Stoker’s tale that I have seen.”

Elixir (2017)

Winner – Best Circus and Physical Theatre – Adelaide Fringe

★★★★★ “An hour of exhilarating fun that astonishes and delights in equal measure.”

★★★★★ “Fun, sexy and stunning… this is what the Edinburgh Fringe is all about” Broadway Baby

★★★★★ ” A firecracker of a circus show… Absolutely spectacular.”  Theatre Bubble

★★★★★ “What separates Head First Acrobats from your conventional circus show is their sense of spot-on showmanship. With impeccable comic timing, and a series of slapstick sketches between each routine, Elixir feels like a circus-sketch-show mash-up… A truly extraordinary spectacle.” The 7.30 Review

The North! The North! (2017)

★★★★★ “Stunningly immersive… a myth of staggering beauty and depthless horror.” Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

★★★★★ “Harrisson’s ability to sketch out his tale with a mesmeric ease sets him out as a modern fabulist.” British Theatre Guide

“There’s no denying the power of The North! The North! to leave you at the mercy of your own imagination…. This is proper theatrical magic, as dark as it comes.” Exuent

“Sired from a generation raised on a mix of stand-up, graphic novels and underground club culture, to call this a piece of story-telling theatre doesn’t really do it justice in an impressively punkish portrait of a worm that turns in an ugly world.” The Herald

★★★★ The Stage 

★★★★ A Younger Theatre

★★★★ Three Weeks 

★★★★ Broadway World 

★★★★ The Wee Review

Around the Globe in Sixty Minutes! (2017)

“A superbly performed, funny and engaging ensemble piece that cleverly combines modern references, word play, a nod to guitar rock, a mash-up of Shakespeare’s more famous plays, a specially constructed IKEA torture rack, and one very nasty folk song. You could call it black absurdist farce with elements of pantomime.” Australian Stage

“Genuinely funny and clever, great for children… a good introduction to the magic of theatre.” Tinsel and Tap Shoes

The Knife of Dawn (2016)

“Dramatically intense and atmospheric, a powerful snapshot of a poet incarcerated in British Guyana.” The Stage

“The intensity of Carter’s passionate engagement both with his country and his art comes over with dignity and eloquence in baritone Eric Greene’s performance, which is a genuine tour de force of empowered vocalism and expressive concentration.” The Guardian

“Intricate and imaginative in its use of limited resources… Surely a springboard to more ambitious works in the future.” The Financial Times 

Boy In Darkness (2015)

★★★★ “A physical theatre gem” The Stage

★★★★ “Not often will Peake’s dark imagination have been so fully realised in the theatre… this blend of storytelling, physical theatre and performance provides as complete a production as is probably possible.” Remote Goat

“A unique, gripping story that would make a mark in anyone’s memory.” Southwark News

“Delightfully riveting and desperately compelling… Its physical eloquence and bold storytelling do justice to Peak’s fantasy realm.” A Younger Theatre 

“A complex, elusive and terrifying nightmare.” Peake Reviews 

The Real MacGuffins: Come Again (2013)

★★★★ “Energetic, light-hearted and hilariously funny.” Three Weeks

★★★★ “Witty, interactive and high-energy, they had the audience roaring with laughter.” Broadway Baby

“There’s much to enjoy here: the twisty wordplay, double entendres and versatility of the lads, the palpable, sweaty thrill of their own tomfoolery…. Randomness is this show’s gain: stir in imagination and graft and you’ve got a refreshing cocktail of jolliment, shenanigans and good old-fashioned joie de vivre.” The List

Winston On the Run (2012, revived 2013)

“A deuced good how… If you can, I’d go.” The Stage

★★★★★ “A model of it’s kind.” What’s On Stage

★★★★★ “A gem of new writing,” Three Weeks 

★★★★ “A terrific piece of theatre”  Fringe Review 

★★★★ “Consistently entertaining and often hilarious” Exuent

Yoroboshi (2011)

“If you’re into international existentialism in a big way, then Yoroboshi is the show for you. With a tantalisingly short 45 minute running time, this modern Japanese Noh play asks more questions than it answers, leaving one’s mind circling around those age old philosophical questions – what is self? Who is God? Where’s the bar? With a complex lighting design and a well thought out set, the strength of this production lies in its attention to detail. Budding philosophers would do well to take a look.” A Younger Theatre

Dr Brown Because (2010, revived 2015)

★★★★ “About as bonkers an hour of comedy as ever you would find” The Sunday Times

★★★★ “Hilariously peculiar” The Times

★★★★ “Often unsettling, always bonkers extreme surrealism – this doctor’s outrageously funny and truly unique” Time Out

★★★★ “Laugh out loud hilarious… so stupid it plops back into the realm of bizarre genius” The List

One of the most bizarre and compelling shows seen at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe” The Telegraph

Consistently full on funny” The Guardian

Sublime absurdist genius” The Independent

Potato – A Show That Will Save the World (2007)

★★★★ “Superbly acted and visually thrilling, like a Roald Dahl story directed by Dali… surrealist comedy at its very best.” Chortle

“Shows like these will never be seen on a TV screen in a million years, which is all the more reason to catch them now.” The Scotsman